SHUR-HARD M.S.F. actuates a chemical hardening process which quickly, economically and effectively protects new or old concrete and terrazzo floors from the constant grinding and abrading action of rolling loads, dragging objects and foot traffic.  Pores and capillaries, created by water evaporation during the curing period, are filled with a chemically formed substance to produce density, durability, resistance to impact and freedom from concrete dust or normal deterioration. Relative impermeability affords resistance to oil, grease and chemical disintegration.


Impelled by a powerful Chemical Wetting Agent, it immediately lowers surface tension to insure maximum depth of penetration into the concrete or terrazzo surface.  Chemically reacting with the free lime and calcium carbonate in the concrete, it binds the fine particles into a uniformly dense, flint-like substance, highly resistant to wear and dusting.  Readily soluble in water, it is easily and quickly applied.

Shur-Hard Product Data

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