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EPOX-O-SHEEN:  is a two component, 53% solids, WATER EXTENDED epoxy specifically designed to offer high quality epoxy coating with the ease of application of a water based material.  Thin Mil coating that offers a matte finish.  This product is self priming and can also be used as a top coat.

Epox-O-Sheen 2011                                             Epox-O-Sheen MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN HS:  is a two component, 93% solids, self priming epoxy floor coating.  Specifically designed where more build thickness is required over a rougher profiled floor.  This products ease of application makes it a great option for a primer as well as a epoxy top coat.

Epox-O-Sheen HS 2011                                     Epox-O-Sheen HS MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN 100%:  is a two component, 100% solids, epoxy coating which offers easy installation for a 100% solids product.   Comes in both clear and pigmented versions with a full variety of color options.

Epox-O-Sheen 100C                                          Epox-O-Sheen 100C MSDS 2011

Epox-O-Sheen 100P                                          Epox-O-Sheen 100P MSDS 2011


All epoxies come in a full color pallet   Epox-O-sheen Color Chart


Chemical Resistance of our epoxies and urethane’s:    PMW_Chemical_Resistance_Chart