Why Treat Concrete Floors

There are many reasons that you need to treat concrete floors including but not limited to the following:

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Makes the floors stain resistant

Can improve moral, increasing productivity

Can improve light reflectivity, up to 200% by using a Urethane

Can make the floors appear cleaner and shinier

Resists heavy traffic, chemical spillage and protects the concrete, it acts as a wear surface.

Provides a safer healthier work environment




The Paul M. Wolff Co. is certified to install a variety of products by a variety of manufacturers to serve your specification needs.

Paul M. Wolff Co. was selected by Scofield as its, 2012 Decorative Concrete Awards, Grand Prize Winner. 

We also have a full line of products which can be utilized of any project to help ensure the customer is happy.  We have a full line of concrete floor sealers, from acrylic sealers (Acri-Sheen, Royal-Sheen and Thermo-Sheen) to penetrating concrete floor sealers (Shur-Seal, Shur-Hard and Crystalite) to concrete floor coatings (Full line of Epox-O-Sheen and Ure-Sheen) to different systems for each product.  We are also in the process to develop a garage floor coating kit, for easy installation by the home owner.   For additional information on these products please contact a local sales representative.

Acid Etching

We can acid etch your concrete floors for a few reasons, it cleans them, it is a good preparation for a thin-mil coating, it can also add to the slip resistance of the floor.