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EPOX-O-SHEEN:  is a two component, 53% solids, WATER EXTENDED epoxy specifically designed to offer high quality epoxy coating with the ease of application of a water based material.  Thin Mil coating that offers a matte finish.  This product is self priming and can also be used as a top coat. Epox-O-Sheen 2011                                             Epox-O-Sheen MSDS 2011 EPOX-O-SHEEN HS:  is a two component, 93% solids, self priming epoxy floor coating.  Specifically designed where more build thickness is required over a rougher profiled floor.  This products...

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Basic Uses: ACRI-SHEEN ® can be used on new or old concrete, brick or decorative stone to seal the surface against staining and eroding due to chemical attack. ACRI-SHEEN ® produces a sealing file, which will protect the surface against spill of most acids, alkalis, grease, oil and deicing salts. ACRI-SHEEN ® seals concrete, brick or stone surfaces on commercial industrial and institutional projects. Use ACRI-SHEEN ® on office buildings garages, hangar floors, manufacturing plants, enclosed parking structures, and interior exposed aggregate and colored concrete. ACRI-SHEEN ® exhibits...

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SHUR-SEAL ® is a colorless, transparent nonflammable, nontoxic liquid that penetrates concrete floors. Shur-Seal reacts with the salts and free cement latants found within the concrete to fill the inside spaces of air pockets. This chemical process forms a gel, which fills the inside spaces of air pockets. This chemical process forma a gel, which fills the inside spaces of concrete pores permanently. (Commonly known as water glass). This process will permanently cure, seal, harden, dustproof and alkali-proof concrete floors and other masonry products.  A two coat application of SHUR-SEAL...

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Basic Uses: SHUR-CURE ® is a water based, membrane-forming concrete curing compound. SHUR-CURE ® provides a membrane on concrete surfaces that retains the required mixing water necessary for the concrete to hydrate and cure properly. It comes in clear and white and can be used for interior or exterior applications. SHUR-CURE ® will oxidize and dissipate when exposed to adequate sunlight (UV).

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