EPOX-O-SHEEN – Water based two component water based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival solvent based products.

Epox-O-Sheen 2011

Epox-O-Sheen MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN HS – High solids two component epoxy primer used in areas where more build is needed.

Epox-O-Sheen HS 2011

Epox-O-Sheen HS MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN 100C – Two component 100% solids clear epoxy used in decorative systems.

Epox-O-Sheen 100C

Epox-O-Sheen 100C MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN 100P – Two component 100% solids pigmented epoxy.

Epox-O-Sheen 100P

Epox-O-Sheen 100P MSDS 2011

EPOX-O-SHEEN PTP – Power trowel primer, used as a primer for the trowel down system.

Epox-O-Sheen PTP

Epox-O-Sheen PTP MSDS

EPOX-O-SHEEN M – Mortar system, trowel down system used in various thicknesses.

Epox-O-Sheen M

Epox-O-Sheen M MSDS


Chemical Resistance Chart – PMW_Chemical_Resistance_Chart


Color Chart – Epox-O-sheen Color Chart