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SHUR-FILL – The Polyurea Hybrid Polymer. Using chemistry from Polyurea technology and chemistry from Epoxy technology we have created a very unique product base that represents a breakthrough in polymer materials uses and advantages. The SHUR-FILL Polyurea Hybrid offers characteristics very different from epoxy and urethane systems.

SHUR-FILLhas many uses from control joints to crack injection and highway bridge decks to cold storage warehouses. SHUR-FILL products represent leading edge technology and better solutions with advantages of high performance and money savings man-hour reductions.

SHUR-FILL based materials are very different than straight urethanes.

SHUR-FILL Polyurea/Epoxy are:

Not moisture sensitive (no foaming or swelling like urethanes).

Cure faster in cold temperatures than fast set urethanes or epoxy.

Remain flexible below – 45 Degrees F (urethanes can become brittle).

Can be hand mixed and applied from gallon kits, cartridges and also machine dispensed.

Set quickly for fast back in service time – minutes.

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