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Basic Uses: ACRI-SHEEN ® can be used on new or old concrete, brick or decorative stone to seal the surface against staining and eroding due to chemical attack. ACRI-SHEEN ® produces a sealing file, which will protect the surface against spill of most acids, alkalis, grease, oil and deicing salts.

ACRI-SHEEN ® seals concrete, brick or stone surfaces on commercial industrial and institutional projects. Use ACRI-SHEEN ® on office buildings garages, hangar floors, manufacturing plants, enclosed parking structures, and interior exposed aggregate and colored concrete.

ACRI-SHEEN ® exhibits extremely good abrasion resistance, and produces a protective membrane lasting longer than conventional acrylic sealers. ACRI-SHEEN ® does not yellow with age or exposure to sunlight, and does not produce toxic or irritating fumes during application.

Limitations: ACRI-SHEEN ® should not be used on surfaces subsequently receiving tile laid in mortar, grout, cementitious coatings, or liquid floor hardeners. Do not allow to freeze.

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